July 2001 Sharing Time Ideas
(From Friend and others)

Draw a time line of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Make the line long enough to hang pictures illustrating the event over the dates.

The following examples have pictures from the GAK listed after each date. You may also use pictures from your library or draw your own. Events you might include on the time line:

· his birth/1805 (GAK 400), reading James 1:5/1820 (402),
· the First Vision/1820 (GAK 403),
· Moroni's first appearance/1823 (GAK 404),
· Joseph receiving the gold plates/1827 (GAK 406),
· translating the Book of Mormon/1827-1829 (GAK 416),
· the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood/1829 (GAK 407),
· the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood/1829 (GAK 408),
· building the Kirtland Temple/1833-1836 (GAK 500),
· Elijah restoring the sealing power/1836 (GAK 417),
· Joseph Smith's martyrdom/1844 (GAK 401).

Hang the time line on a wall in the Primary room.
Put the first and last pictures up and tell a little bit about the birth and death of the Prophet (see JS-H 1:3-4 and D&C 135:1).
Conceal the rest of the pictures in a box or bag.
Have a child from each class take a picture, tell about the event, and place the picture above the correct date on the time line.
For some of the events you may wish to have another child from the same class lead the Primary in a song related to the picture.


1805 December 23, is born in Sharon, Vermont
1813 (age 7) Leg is nearly amputated but saved by taking out pieces of bone
1820 (age 14) Receives the First Vision
1823 (age 17) Is visited by the Angel Moroni; is told of the Nephite records
1827 (age 21) Marries Emma Hale; receives and begins translating the golden plates
1829 (age 23) Receives the Aaronic Priesthood and later the Melchizedek Priesthood
1830 (age 24) Publishes the Book of Mormon; organizes the Church
1831 (age 25) Moves to Kirtland, Ohio; dedicates the temple site in Independence, Missouri
1832 (age 26) Is sustained as President of the high priesthood
1833 (age 27) Organizes the First Presidency; continues to receive many revelations, including the Word of Wisdom
1834 (age 28) Walks with Zion's Camp from Ohio to Missouri
1835 (age 29) The Twelve Apostles and the Seventy are ordained; the Doctrine and Covenants is accepted by the Saints
1836 (age 30) Dedicates the Kirtland Temple; Jesus, Moses, Elias, and Elijah appear
1838 (age 32) Moves to Missouri; imprisoned in Liberty Jail
1839 (age 33) Directs the Church from Liberty Jail; begins to build Nauvoo
1841 (age 35) Calls the Saints to gather at Nauvoo; plans an immigration agency to help them
1842 (age 36) Publishes the Book of Abraham; prophecies the trek to the Rocky Mountains
1843 (age 37) Records the revelation on eternal marriage
1844 (age 38) June 27, is martyred with Hyrum at Carthage Jail