When Jesus comes again
(by Sue Orndal, Manchester UK)

I used a page from a Primary Partners book Seagullbook: Primary Partner  teaching Tools which had the questions:

"If you were there when the Savior appeared how would you feel?" &
"How would you show love and gratitude?" 

across the top and then a banner under that with "My personal Testimony of Christ" and a drawing of Christ appearing in the sky (if you know what I mean!) 
I copied it small enough to fit in the booklets we are making.

I told them that they were to imagine being there and afterwards to write the answers to these questions. I darkened the room then I began...

I received an MP3 file from a Seminary list of a storm with wailing voices.
I made a CD and played it quite loudly while I read 3 Nephi 8:5-14, 23
Then when it was quiet I read 3 Nephi 9:1, but changed the word crying to saying, and a male teacher read verses 15-18
I paraphrased a bit saying there was silence for many hours and asked them to imagine how they would have felt. I asked them to listen to where the people went to (temple) and read Chapter 11:1-8 then went straight into the video "My Joy is full" from the BOM video.

The kids were absolutely silent the whole time and defiantly had an air of reverence about them afterwards.
If anyone would like this MP3 file I can send it. It did take a while to download on my computer and we have broadband so be prepared it is a big file (2.3M)