How to be a Primary missionary
(by Gia)

In our ward we have Elder Rock and Sister Stone which we pass out on the
first Sunday of the month and the children we give the rocks to return them
the next week and share an experience they had.

Elder Rock & Sister Stone are two rocks that have a sister and an elder painted on them.

We send home a letter to the parents to help encourage their kids to do missionary work.

Here is the letter...

Elder Rock & Sister Stone
We have some new missionaries that need your help sharing the gospel. Take them home and let them help you remember to have a missionary experience.
Put them in a place where you will see them everyday. Be sure to ask heavenly Father to help you each day to have a missionary experience, then try your hardest to share the gospel with someone. Next Sunday bring them back so that you can share with your Primary friends what you did in closing
exercises. (Keep it short about 30 seconds)

Please REMEMBER to RETURN Elder Rock and Sister Stone so others can share in the fun.

Fun ways to share the gospel:

  1. Invite a friend to primary
  2. Invite a friend to activities (scouts, achievement days,primary activity)
  3. Invite a friend to FHE
  4. Share a favorite scripture or primary song with a friend
  5. Give a friend a Book of Mormon (write your testimony on the inside cover)
  6. Share your testimony with a friend
  7. Invite a friend to church
  8. Share an Article of Faith with a friend
  9. Share the Friend Magazine with a friend
  10. ETC.

There are many ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ be creative and have fun.

When we started this program our president did a sharing time discussing ways to share the gospel. The kids are really enjoying it. The experiences shared have been very good and gives them a chance to learn how to be a missionary.