I know Gods plan
(by Carrie, Stuttgart Germany)

I had 10 songs in my bowl that corresponded to principles, ordinances and commandments that help us follow God's plan for us.
I also had a picture from the gospel art kit that I hung up when the children had guessed what principle we were talking about.
I had songs/pictures for:

Faith 2000 stripling warriors I Feel my Savior's Love. PG 74 
Repentance Samuel the lamanite Help Me, Dear Father pg. 99 (second verse)
Baptism  Christ being baptized Baptism pg. 100
Gift of the Holy Ghost no picture as we can't see this gift The Holy Ghost pg. 105
Prayer Garden of Gethsemene I Thank Thee Dear Father pg 7
Scripture Study Joseph Smith reading the Bible Search, Ponder and Pray pg. 109 
Keep the Commandments The Liahona Keep the Commandments pg 146
Service  Jesus washing the disciples feet When we're helping we're happy pg. 198 
Forgiveness  The prodigal son Help me Dear Father pg 99 ( first verse)
Temple Worship pic of any temple I love to see the temple. pg 95

We sang the song and had the kids guess which principle the song was talking about. 

The only difference between jr. and sr. primary is that in telling the stories that went with the pictures I told them in jr. primary and had a child share the story in sr. primary