Jesus lights the way as my example
(Friend Oct 2003, suggestion # 1)

To review ways in which Jesus Christ lights the way, divide the children into groups and have each group read and illustrate a scripture of something Jesus did or taught, such as:

Have the groups take turns sharing their scriptures.
Help them understand that they can help others by being kind, contributing fast offerings, obeying their parents, and following the Savior.

Draw a line on the chalkboard, and write along it "Not pleased," "Somewhat pleased," and "Well pleased."

Have the children read Matthew 3:16–17 aloud.

Place a painting of Jesus above "Well pleased."
Ask, "Where would the world be placed on the line?"

Have the children silently decide where they would be placed on the line and where they wish to be placed on the line.

Sing songs or hymns about the Savior.

Testify that He loves them, and invite them to try to be more like Him.