I am grateful for the Savior
(Friend December 2003, suggestion # 5)

Before sharing time, place a small star in a less obvious place but where everyone can see it.

Sing a Christmas song from the CS.

Ask the children to keep their eyes on you; then tell them the color of the star you placed in the room and point to it.
Discuss how the star was not noticed by many until it was pointed out and they looked for it.

Have the children locate and read

Discuss how the Wise Men and some of the Nephites saw a star but how others who were not looking did not see it or understand its significance.

Explain that many people and things testify of Jesus Christ but that some people do not notice them because they are not looking for them.

Talk about some of the people and things that testify of the Savior, such as:

Give the children crayons and pieces of paper.
Have the children decorate their papers with stars, making one star larger and brighter to remind them to look for things that strengthen their testimonies.
Challenge them to watch for things and people who testify of the Savior.

Bear your testimony of Jesus Christ, and express gratitude for this season that allows us to celebrate His birth.