I can Repent
(CSMP 2005 March, suggestion # 2)

Write Repentance in large letters on a sturdy piece of paper and cut it into four pieces to make a puzzle.

On the back of each puzzle piece, write one of the following things we must do to repent, with its accompanying scripture: 

Using GAK pictures 227, 230, 234, and any others that may be appropriate, talk about the Atonement and repentance. 

Divide the children into four groups and give each group a piece of the puzzle.

Have each group look up the scripture, talk about what it means, and share what they learned with the group.

Then put the puzzle together. 

“Repentance” (CS, 98) or
“Help Me, Dear Father” (CS, 99).

For older children, cut each puzzle piece into pieces to be put together to find the scripture reference.