The Priesthood is Restored (CS 89)
Friend March 2005, suggestion # 5

Song Presentation:

Have the children close their eyes as they listen to the piano accompaniment.

Explain that it is made to sound like trumpets announcing something important.

Show the picture Melchizedek Priesthood Restoration (GAK 408) and briefly explain it.

Ask the children to listen for what we learn about the priesthood from the words and sing a line of the song.

Take responses and sing the line together.
Sing the whole song through.

Divide the children into four groups and give each group one line to sing.

Have each group stand and sing their line of the song while the other children each close their hands into loose fists, put them to their mouths, and softly sing "do-do" (like a trumpet) with the melody. Involve the children as you sing the song again