We'll bring the world his truth
by Wendy, Woodland Hills, UT
This is what I use:
1st. verse:    
"We have been born as Nephi of old" picture of "Nephi Subdues His Rebellious Brothers" (GPAK #303) small wordstrip "old" bottom
"To goodly parents who love the Lord" picture of "family w/a new baby" (Primary 1 # 5) small wordstrip "Lord"  bottom
"We have been taught & we understand" picture of a Primary class (Primary 1 # 67) small wordstrip "understand" bottom
"That we must do as the Lord commands" picture of Moses with the ten commandments (Primary 6 # 24) small wordstrip "commands" bottom
"We are as the army of Helaman" I have taped 3 copies of the Stripling Warriors pictures in a row so it looks more like a big army (GPAK #313/Primary 1 pic#65/Primary 3 pic# 38/Primary 4 pic# 40)  
"We have been taught in our youth" pic of a mom reading to her children (Primary 1 pic#36) small wordstrip "youth" bottom
"And we will be the Lord's missionaries" Missionaries Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (GPAK #612)  
"We'll bring the world His truth" The World (GPAK #600) small wordstrip "truth" bottom
2nd. verse: not done    
3rd. verse:    
"We know his plan and we will prepare" I found a small Plan of Salvation chart @ lds.about.com small wordstrip "prepare" bottom
"Increase our knowledge through study and prayer" Search the Scriptures (GPAK #617) small wordstrip "prayer" bottom
"Daily we'll learn until we are called" I found a daily prayer/scripture study chart  www.jennysmith.com small wordstrip "called" bottom
"To take the gospel to all the world" I scanned and blew up the picture in the Song Book small wordstrip "world" bottom