(adapted after an idea by Sister Mullin)

SING: Do as I'm Doing pg. 276 (Do a few actions and have the children follow).

You all did just as I was doing. When I snapped my fingers, so did you. When I was reverent and folded my arms, you did too. You followed my example EXAMPLE is a powerful thing. It is a great tool we have to help others. Jesus wants us to be a good example to others.

SING: Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

READ: 1st Timothy 4:12

SING: Sing Keep the commandments - pg. 146

SCRIPTURE STORY: Jesus taught a story about helping others by being a good example. When Jesus lived on the earth, there were no electric lights (turn off the lights for effect) When it was dark, people sometimes burned candles in their homes so they would have light. One day Jesus was teaching his disciples a lesson about being a good example. (turn the lights on again)

Read Matthew 5:14-16

What happens if we light a candle and put it on a candle stick? - it gives light to all. What happens if we put a box or basket over the candle ? - there is no light for anymore.

Read Matthew 5:15 again.

What does it mean when Jesus said to let your light so shine before men. When we let our lights shine, then we are being a light to the world or a good example.

Sing I am like a star shining brightly - pg.163


Samuel's Scriptures - Jan 1998 Friend pg. 2

Sing I belong to the church of Jesus Christ pg. 77