Joseph Smith: Sing-a-story
(Notes taken by Mary Ann, at the General Primary meeting in SLC )

Picture: Joseph Smith as a boy

Narration: Joseph Smith grew up in a humble and very religious family. Joseph and his family loved one another and they loved the Lord.

Picture: Picture of the Smith Family.

They believed in gathering for family prayer. Joseph and his family loved one another and the Lord. They knelt together every night and prayer...

Song: Family Prayer CS 189

Picture: Joseph lying on bed with leg infection

Narration: When Joseph was about 7 years old he had a terrible infection in his leg. He had to have a painful operation but there was no way, in those days to numb his leg so he wouldn’t feel the pain. The doctor suggested that he drink some strong liquor to help him not feel the pain. Joseph refused the alcohol and asked that only his father hold him. Someday you will have a chance to be a loving father or mother.

Song: Fathers CS 209 give yourself a hug as we sing

Picture: Joseph in rocking chair reading from the Bible

Narration: Joseph’s leg healed. He became concerned about religion as he read regularly from the Bible. He read in James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraidth not and it shall be given him.”

Song: Search, Ponder, and Pray CS 109

Picture: Sacred Grove

Narration: As he was reading, thinking, and pondering them, the scriptures helped Joseph know what to do. Joseph went a grove of trees.

Song: The Sacred Grove CS 87...during the song display the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus appearing to Joseph.

Narration: Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ did appeared to Joseph Smith. He asked God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ which church was right. They told him to join none of the churches at that time.

Bear your testimony that these things are true. . how grateful to Joseph Smith we are, our first prophet in these latter-days.

Show “First Vision” video from Moments From Church History and D&C Video Presentation ending with testimony of President Hinckley.

The true church of Jesus Christ was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We love and revere him. Our testimonies are strengthened when we prayerfully read the account of Joseph Smith’s first vision. This year we have the opportunity to teach our children about this great prophet and strengthen our commitment and theirs to follow our prophet.

The prophet is Heavenly Father’s representative on earth. He has the authority to direct the affairs of the church throughout the world. Our prophet, President Hinckley is the President of the Church today. Who are the prophets since the restoration?

Song: Latter-day Prophets CS l34 use black accordion visual of the prophets opening it as the prophet is named in the song. Testify thankfulness for a living prophet to guide the church and that He has the same prophetic mantle as did Joseph Smith.

Narration: The prophet gives direction at General conference. We have the privilege to raise our hand and sustain him at General conference. What does it mean when we raise our hand and sustain him. Can you suggest ways we can sustain him? Suggestions: pray for him, read his message in the Ensign, do what he asks, follow the prophet

When Howard w. Hunter was our prophet, he visited an art museum. As he began to leave the exhibit room, a young boy recognized him and shouted, “Hey, that’s our prophet. Let’s follow the prophet!” That’s not quite what we mean when we say to follow the prophet. We look to his example and follow him. Our lives are blessed when we follow the prophet.

GAME: If you have a red, yellow, or blue prophet card please stand (these were on the chairs when we came into the room). Remain standing if you have a prophet from the Bible (the yellow cards). If your prophet is well known remain standing. If your prophet refused to stop praying to the Lord when the law wouldn’t allow it, remain standing. What prophet am I speaking about? Come up and hold my lion sign and be our prophet leader as we sing about Daniel.

Song: Follow the Prophet CS 110 If our prophet leader taps you, on the shoulder follow him/her around the room as we sing.

Narration: If your prophet is a book of Mormon prophet, please stand. Remain standing if you traveled in the wilderness with your family. Remain standing if you had a great vision. Remain standing if you traveled with your brothers back to Jerusalem to get the plates. Who is still standing? Nephi had to have a lot of courage. Come up and we will sing the chorus of “Nephi’s Courage” Cs 120.. We will follow you as you do any action as we sing (like Do As I’m Doing).

Stand if your prophet was a latter-day prophet(Blue card). Remain standing if your prophet ever taught the importance of the eternal family. Yes, they all do! If your prophet started the first FHE program in our church, remain standing. Joseph F. Smith. . . Will you come up and hold the manual while we sing “Family Night” Cs 195.