Prs. Hinckley’s 6 “B’s”
(Julie C, in Boise)

Songs to sing:
For Thy Bounteous Blessings CS 21
I Thank Thee, Dear Father CS 7
Thanks to Our Father CS 20

BE SMART......
Songs to sing:
Teach Me to Walk in the Light CS 177

BE CLEAN.......
Songs to sing:
I Want to Live the Gospel CS148
Hum Your Favorite Hymn CS 152
The Commandments CS 112
The 13th Article of Faith CS132
Our Primary Colors CS 258

BE TRUE..........
Songs to sing:
I Believe in Being Honest CS 149
Jesus Loved the Little Children CS 59

Songs to sing:
The Holy Ghost CS 105
The Still Small Voice CS 106
Listen, Listen CS 107

Songs to sing:
I Pray in Faith CS 14
A Child's Prayer CS 12
I Feel My Savior's Love CS 74

I would also use the song I'm Trying to be Like Jesus CS 78.

There are so many songs to go along with these 6 "BE"S". This could be a wonderful learning integrated share time.
There is the site of the bee holding the sign ""