(used as an class presentation)
(by Lars Hillgaard)

SING: I like my birthdays (CS 104)

SING: Keep the commandments (CS 146) SING: The Holy Ghost (CS 105)

What does it mean when it says, He will forgive us, our sins They will be forgotten. In sacrament we renew our covenants with him. When we repent, we can start over again.

SING: Repentance (CS 98) or Help me, dear Father (CS 99)

I had a rucksack. In it he had some cans. Each was about 1½ kg heavy. Around each can, he had wrapped some paper. On the paper were different statements, Like:

- “You didn’t make your homework - so you told the teacher that your dog ate it!”

- “You took some money from your mom’s purse, without permission.”

Put about 15 cans in the rucksack. It will make it VERY heavy.

Let a child come foreward. Asked him/her to kneel in front of you. Placed the rucksack on his/hers back. Then let the child stand up. It will be very difficult.

SING: Kindness begins with me (CS 145) Talk about that it is the same with sins, it burdens us down. BUT if we repent - we can walk with out head held high, in our Fathers love. This he promises us, when we are baptized.

SONG: Love one another

If time allows, let some children try to have the rucksack on - our children loved it.