Music rewiev 2001 
(by Conny Hillgaard)

Who do we thank God for?

  1. a Primary
  2. a church
  3. a prophet
How many blessings do we thank for?
  1. teen blessings
  2. ev'rey blessing
  3. none
We feel it as a blessing to...
  1. have a family
  2. obey
  3. go home after church
SING: WE thank Thee, O God for a prophet verse 1:

Which color do troubled clouds have?

  1. dark
  2. pink
  3. yellow
What is smiling in front of us?
  1. a younger brother
  2. our mother
  3. hope
Sing: WE thank Thee, O God for a prophet verse 2:

Because of the goodness and mercy of Jesus, everyone will:

  1. sing
  2. work
  3. dance
Where will the honest and faithful go on to?
  1. eternal perfection
  2. eternal marriage
  3. eternal friendship
Sing: WE thank Thee, O God for a prophet verse 3:

We believe in the same..... existed in the primitive church

  1. church
  2. organization
  3. primary
Who was in the primitive church?
  1. apostles, prophets, mothers
  2. apostles, prophets, children
  3. apostles, prophets, pastors
Sing: The sixth article of faith

In what is there safety and peace?

  1. home baked bread
  2. keeping the commandments
  3. swimming in the Jordan river
What will Jesus send us if we keep the commandments?
  1. candy
  2. flowers
  3. blessings
Sing: Keep the commandments verse 1:

Why must we be tested?

  1. to show we can guide others
  2. that we are honest
  3. that we are true
What can we always hold on to, no matter what?
  1. His promise that keeping the commandments we will find safety and peace
  2. school work will bring us knowledge
  3. friends will stand by us
Sing: Keep the commandments verse 2:

The sacred grove was:

  1. dark and dutiful
  2. safe and bright
  3. green and fresh
What shun in the sacred grove?
  1. a scout fire
  2. a sun
  3. a moonbeam
Sing: The sacred grove verse 1:

Who appeared in the scared grove?

  1. The Father and the Holy Ghost
  2. The Holy Ghost and the Son
  3. The Father and the Son
What disappeared from Joseph?
  1. His sight
  2. His fear
  3. His knowledge
Sing: The sacred grove verse 2:

What does the prophet have for us?

  1. a gift
  2. a word
  3. a smile
What would the prophet like us to be?
  1. a sunbeam
  2. happy
  3. true
When shall we be true?
  1. in work and play
  2. at church and home
  3. at school and on the playground
Sing: Stand for the Right

The prophet bids us to..

  1. choose the right
  2. do the work
  3. do temple work
The savior have called his...
  1. chosen seer
  2. dear children
  3. righteous leaders
The seer is told to...
  1. play with all children
  2. preach the word of God
  3. to hard garden work
Men can find the path marked by:
  1. following the airplane
  2. following the police
  3. following the ion rod
Sing: WE listen to a prophets voice verse 1:

Where will our prophet be heard?

  1. ev'ry land, ev'ry house
  2. ev'ry land, ev'ry tounge
  3. ev'ry tounge, ev'ry heart
What do the prophets voice reveal?
  1. The gospel true
  2. The gospel right
  3. The gospel word
Who shall attend and rejoice?
  1. ye, people
  2. ye, children
  3. ye, earth
Sing: WE listen to a prophets voice verse 2:

Hosanna! shall ascend to...

  1. the Saviors home
  2. the Saviors throne
  3. the Saviors church
What does the prophet speak?
  1. listen and work
  2. listen and rejoice
  3. listen and obey
Sing: WE listen to a prophets voice verse 1: