Prophet quarterly activity
(by Gia)

Arrival: The chorister will have the children sing songs that will be sung for the Sacrament Presentation, especially the Follow the prophets song.

Adam bobbing for apples
Enoch  Enoch Says (play like Simon Says)
Noah  Noah's Ark (this a relay race in which the children will fill the ark with stuffed animals)
Samuel  Samuels Maze (We will blindfold the children and have them travel through a mazes by the direction of the game leader)
Moses  Gathering Manna (We will have the lounge area covered with cotton balls and in a certain time we will see sho gathers the most manna)
Jonah  Go Fish (We have a giant whale taped to the moving blackboard and we have fishing poles . The children will fish and receive a small bag of swedish fish)
Daniel  Lion Bowling (We have used 2 litter bottles and put pictures of a lions head on each one. There will be two bowling lane and the children will have two chances to get all the pins down)
Moses  (We will put a large star on the basket ball hoop with a lot of little ones and the kids will play stars ( like horse)