(from the internet)
  1. Identify the non-attending child(ren)
  2. Coordinate efforts through the ward council. (The Primary Presidency will pass around forms each Sunday to keep track of activation efforts so records can be coordinated with other auxiliaries in the monthly ward council).
  3. Visit the child in hi/her home. Contact each child and parent at the beginning of the year to introduce yourself and gain permission to contact the child throughout the year. Visit the child in his or her home with the member of the Primary Presidency who is over your class. Fill them in on class place and time and find out the needs of the child (rides, scriptures etc...)
  4. Become involved with the children. Contact them monthly by a visit, phone call, mail or other
  5.  Love the child (ren). Encourage class to pray for and reach out to those less-active
  7. Remember: "No effort is too great, no labor more worthwhile. We must bring the blessings of primary into the life of every child." Spencer W. Kimball
  8. Send card from yourself or from the class. Postcards are great too.
  9. Call them on the phone just to say "Hi, how are you?"
  10. Plan a little something for their birthday during class time. Be sure to call them and let them know your doing this for them.
  11. Leave a balloon on their doorstep with a message inside.
  12. Drop off a little treat from you or the whole class.
  13. Ask the children to help in class. Have one child prepare a game, handout, craft, story, or scripture etc...for the following week.
  14. Send thank you's, I appreciate you and great job done to all the children when you notice something special that they have done.
  15. Have a class party at your house
  16. Try to compliment one child each Sunday.
  17. Pray for the Spirit to guide you.
  18. Every month the kids who did not come that month and get the scripture card, newsletter & handouts will be mailed MONTHLY!
  19. Let the childs teacher make a letter in class: We will be putting cards in the teachers boxes (crayons, scissors, pencils, tape) so that the class can send a note really easy.
  20. There are some good church videos and there is a part on activation there to show.
  21. You never want the kids who are AT church to feel as if it is not important for them to be there.
  22. Know each child INDIVIDUALLY
  23. Birthday recognition: mail birthday card from child's class. Have the
  24. kids make one and/or sign one. We are taking a helium balloon and M&M's to each child this year on their birthday - this includes the inactives
  25. AD and Cubs: make sure they know about these programs and keep inviting them to the activities. Encourage the leaders of these programs to do this too.
  26. Quarterly Activities: send them an invite in the mail and phone them to see if they are coming or need a ride.
  27. Invite the family to any ward activities. It is hard to activate a child by is/ herself...work on the family as a whole.I wanted to weigh in on this because our new PP has been wonderful about visiting inactives. She began by visiting with us and then later returned with the teacher of each child in the family. She stops by once a month with something relevant to what happened in Primary; last month she brought by the handout we used for Mother's Day, this month she'll do the same for Father's Day.