Noter from Regional Primary training meeting d. 10 April 2001
(notes tagen by Carrie)

When teaching, retention of information using different methods. (The general board sister really emphasized using our "Teaching, No Greater Call" for teaching methods that were most effective)

Music is a powerful way to teach the gospel. (Thus the emphasis on integrating singing and sharing time.)
General guideline for preparing talks.
  1. Choose a scripture
  2. Tell what the scripture means
  3. Tell a personal experience or gospel story
  4. Bear testimony (After the meeting we thought that it would be a good idea to include these guidelines on the reminder sheet that the children are given when they are assigned talks.
Sharing time, September "How Can We Follow the Prophet?"

Follow Prs. Hinckleys 6 B's:

Choral reading 1 Nephi 3:7
Choose picture, song and scripture, story to go along with 'B'


Humble: Teach Me to Walk
Prayerful: I Pray in Faith
Grateful: For Health and Strength
Clean: The Lord Gave Me a Temple
Smart: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
True: Stand for the Right

Look for answers in the scriptures and church approved resources and go to Heavenly Father in prayer for inspiration for your particular Primary.

This sister also compared preparing sharing time to Nephi and his brothers attempts to get the plates of brass. When Nephi and his brothers were given the assignment to get the plates, they first just asked for them and were chase off with an attempt on their lives. They then went and gathered all their gold and silver and precious things to try to buy the plates. Again an attempt was made on their lives and their precious things stolen. The third time, Nephi went to the Lord in prayer and asked for guidance and trusted in the Lord to show him the way. He was able to accomplish his task. This was likened to us preparing our sharing times and lessons. Do we ask without really trying? Do we try to "buy" a sharing time? We need to go to the Lord in prayer and prepare sharing time for our particular Primary with His help.


I can't even begin to tell you how much she emphasized using Church approved resources only and to use the Church website and manuals.
Teach pure doctrine.