14 Family history idea
(by Cara Lee)
1. Complete your "family tree". Bring your genealogy and share information and pictures with your class.
2. Write your personal history. Make a collage of special things about you and your history.
3. Interview your grandparents and record it.
4. Begin a personal scrapbook.
5. Complete Genealogy Sheets for your immediate family.
6. Read from an ancestor's journal.
7. Visit Family History Center - use computers
8. Mount pictures in a scrapbook
9. Use color pencils to make a house chart, including four generation information
10. Prepare and share a story around a campfire about ancestor
11. Make a scrapbook and learn about keeping it up
12. Visit and nursing home and talk with the residents about the "good old days". Find out what events stick out in their minds, who their favorite singers were, the types of danced they did, etc. Research these events and people, and find as many pictures as you can of them.
13. Cover a simple notebook to create a journal
14. Interview grandparents, great aunts, etc.