(by Cara Lee)
1. Develop good study habits. Reserve and use a specific time each day for homework.

2. Participate in school-sponsored activities.

3. Study about other cultures.

4. Attend specialized classes during summer vacation.

5. Read newspapers and news magazines regularly or listen to television and radio newscasts to become acquainted with current events.

6. Make a list of enjoyable books; then read them.

7. Read a book and give a review of it.

8. Read from a good book every day.

9. Participate in a Current Events Achievement Day.

10. Visit City Library

11. Learn a new skill such as leading music

12. Read a book to a younger child

13. Have guest speakers come & talk about their professions

14. Improve grades in one subject

15. Go to work with a parent for a few hours

16. Get a book at the library that everyone reads and discusses together

          17. Research a topic of your choice & report