Christmas Bells
(by Barbara Pratt)

Song: "Christmas Bells" (CS 54) OR "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" (Hym Book p. 214)


At this time of year we need to know what the bell and candy cane symbolizes. Show them a bell and a candy cane. Let's pretend we are in a field of sheep. The shepherd has a bell. (Have a bell and ring it.) We are the lost sheep and we hear the rings of the bell. That helps us go back to the fold. We are important to our Heavenly Father and Jesus.
The shepherd has a cane (crook) to help bring the lambs back into the fold. (Show them the candy cane.) (Before hand, take a broom stick and wrap around the end of the stick aluminum foil and make it curve like a crook.) Show them this after you show them the
candy cane. We need to remember we need to help (serve) others and be missionaries. (We are our brother's keeper.) How can we help others?

For older children, do the above part and then ask how can we be our brother's keeper? (Be missionaries, serve other, etc.) At this time of year we need to remember what the bell and candy cane symbolizes.
What does the bell symbolize? What does the candy cane symbolize? Note: You might want to find a scripture for older children.

This is another version of hide and seek. Remember the sheep (lambs) are lost and they need to hear the shepherds bell so you need to be very quiet - whisper this. Give one small bell to the person being the shepherd. Make some sheep hats for the sheep. For
younger children, you might want to show them how to do it. Have the shepherd go to some other part of the house while everyone has there eyes closed (ringing the bell as they hide). Repeat this as many times as you like.

Closing Song: Sing a Christmas song.
Closing Prayer