We Believe in Being Honest
Family Home Evening

Be Honest (clipart: an honesty train)
Being honest means many things. The dictionary suggests that an honest person will not lie, cheat, or steal. Some words associated with honesty are honorable, truthful, fair, trustworthy, and genuine. You are on the right track to happiness if you practice being honest.
Friend 1987 January

A Dollar Bill for Billy (A story rebus)
Friend 1983 May

A Dollar's Worth (A story rebus)
Friend 1996

I Believe in Being Honest
(Talks about the "Anti-Nephi-Lehis" and it has a picture you can use when talking about them, and the children can paint afterwards)
Friend 1993 September

Honest and Truthful at All Times
Color the camp scene and the figures of Joseph F. Smith and the ruffians.
Friend 1996 October