The Apostles warns us to day
(by Conny Hillgaard)
  1. Let a child come forward and choose a picture of an apostle.
  2. Then you tell a little about his last talk.
  3. Ask the children what text strip that they think goes along with what you have just told them. Let them choose.
  4. Ask the children what item they think goes along with what you have just told them. Let them choose.
  5. Ask the children if they know a song that correlates with the theme... if not, you have one on hand...
  6. repeat 1-5
GAK= Gospel Art Kit (the blue box)
Apostle Theme Song Item
Neal A. Maxwell Learn to serve and forgive others Love one another (136) GAK # 615
Russel M. Nelson Obey God’s commandments Keep the commandments (146) Lesson Manuel 6 picture # 24
Dallin H. Oaks Follow the Church leaders I belong to the Church of ....(77)  GAK # 610
M. Russel Ballard Be an example As I’m doing (276)
(so there is a opportunity for the children to move a little)
Lesson Manuel 2 picture # 23, 
Joseph B. Wirthlin Trust in Heavenly Father Faith (96) a plant
Richard G. Scott Know that Jesus loves you Jesus loved the little children (59) plastic heart
OR GAK # 607, 608
Robert D. Hales Pray daily Search, ponder and pray (109) GAK # 605
Jeffery R. Holland Keep trying Nephi’s courage (120) Lesson Manuel 1 picture # 71 OR a plastic boat 
Henry B. Eyring Study the scriptures and the word of the living prophet Stand for the right (159) Bible and the Book of Mormon OR GAK 326
Boyd K. Parker Follow the promptings of the spirit The Holy Ghost (105) Blanket (the Holy Ghost warms us) OR GAK # 602
L. Tom Perry Place a high priority on family home evening Family night (195) FHE manuel OR 
GAK # 616
David B. Haight Use your time wisely Choose the right way (160) hourglass