"Watchmen on the Tower" ~ the 12 apostles
(by Bobbie, West Linn, Oregon)
"Sister Music leader" (fill in the name) is going to help us sing that song and while we are singing she is going to choose some helpers. She will be looking for those who are trying their hardest to sing and if she chooses you, please come up to the front and stand in a long line. We will sing the "Sixth A of F" over and over until she has chosen 12 children.
Then I will explain again the article of faith and how when Jesus organized the church he chose 12 apostles. While speaking I will have taken 12 men's ties, pre-knotted, and a dish towel and made a simple head dress on each helper so that they represent the original "primitive church's" twelve.

You may want to have a counselor, teacher help you "dress" them. Then I will quickly go down each one and hand them a nameplate with a name of each of the twelve apostles (Peter, James, John, Andrew, Judas, etc.) So that each child holding a name for all to see.

Then I will explain that centuries later, after Jesus was crucified and the church was taken from the earth, finally in these latter-day's, the time had come for the church to be restored again through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

12 apostles were called, just like in the original church.

At this point I will slip the tie from around the helper's heads to around their necks, remove the dish cloth, then help them cinch the tie up around their necks ~ just like a latter-day apostle wears and turn each name card over to reveal the names of the current twelve...(Boyd K. Packer, and L. Tom Perry, and etc....)

I will have the pictures of each apostle on the bulletin board and put each name under the current picture and tell them I want to challenge them to learn the names of all the twelve apostles right now.

Here we are going to teach them the song that was posted earlier, sung to the tune of Nephi's courage. "The Lord gave us apostles, we know they are first rate. Hinckley, Monson, Faust, Packer, Perry, Haight.....etc"

Once done, I am going to praise them and challenge them to really get to know the apostles, by name and by sight (general conference is right around the corner and I may give them a bingo or something where this skill will be useful). This is optional,
but I am also making a little booklet for them to take home with articles from the Friend that each apostle wrote (Whitney's website has done all the research for you), and/or a biography on each apostle. There may not be time or recourses left to accomplish this and it certainly isn't vital.