Secretary binder

The following are the duties of a secretary:

  1. Keep attendance rolls
  2. Distribute and collect each week
  3. Create new rolls each quarter
  4. Assignments reminders for talk, scripture, prayer, reverence child (mail box)
  5. Copy on podium for person conducting (could do assignments a month in advance an place in Primary cupboard)
  6. Prepare monthly report (first Sunday for previous month)
  7. Prepare monthly report
  8. Each month, compile the total number of Primary children in the Ward and the number who did not attend ANY Primary meeting during the month.
  9. Lost sheep letter to each teacher requesting contact (1st Sunday for previous month)
  10. List of names to Presidency
  11. Report to Presidency how children were contacted
  12. Assist with budget
  13. Keep Presidency aware of:
  14. Children needing Priesthood interviews for baptism
  15. Children needing Priesthood interviews for advancement
  16. Assist with Activity Days
  17. Sunbeam Nursery letter to parents (when child is 17 months old)
  18. Birthday cards to teachers
  19. Primary newsletter
  20. Stake Auxiliary Training