Music in the Nursery
(by Zippy)

Make a Music Apron with Bright Colors with Big Pockets.....

If the children are not use to a music person and don't know you be prepared to act a fool I made sock puppets out of velet, permanent markers,wiggly eyes, and every color of the rainbow in socks...(just remember any eyes if it be wiggly or buttons need to be check often to make sure they are on there good.)

When I couldn't get the children to help at first I got the teachers to help....just remember have to leave aleast one for crowd control.

Crowd control:
When I was a Nursery leader that is how I would solve alot of my problems with ...
as attention getters, crying, and anger: I would sing. Heavenly Father has not bless me with a good voice just a clear voice and I use it so if you are a Nursery Leader get some tapes and learn some songs. A song out of no where will draw a childs attention. This save me a number of times.