Nursery activities 
(by Zippy)

Legos- the large size used for children under 3..:)
( We have built everything from Temples to Family homes for the "Family Units"...also a dog house :)

stacking them up and trying not to let them fall to building houses and barns and etc....

Plastic Animals
used in the units for "Creation Units" And even a doll family used for the family units. Barbie never had it so good. I made her into a Latter Day Saint...

used (take the time and number each of the puzzel parts with a marker Ex. A-1,A-2, and etc.... This will make your life easier when you go to put the puzzels up on the back of the puzzel put the letter and then put how many parts go with the puzzel. You may want to color code it but remember to use something besides washable markers... Little hands sometimes become wet hands from tears or because they have been sticking their fingers in their mouth.

Try to make it a fast rule that they leave their toys in their bags with their parents.
This is just a disagreement waiting to (happen. If another child picks up their toy the fight is on

Nerf or very soft washable balls
.... Used in games and rolling the ball to one another (No Throwing!!!!) It is hard for children to think I can throw it now but not later.....Later someone may not be prepared and someone could get hurt..

I have used masking tape on the carpet and made a games
On the carpet for children to play with...Using bean bags and large dice with colered spots so children could move by color instead numbers ...:))

I have had a lion and bear hunt
One time using a old quilt to make a cave. Inside the cave was hidden cheese paws and honey bears... They followed the prints that I cut out of construction paper and using masking tape applied to the carpet. They crossed over a creek (blue poster board cut up) and tip toed through a forest of trees... (get them up on the tippy toes for this ) under a bridge .... (some chairs that they crawl under) and across a bridge (made from a 1 by 12) When we entered the cave and gathered all of the goodies.... We then had a picnic.

I use activities that go along with the lessons
And that get the children thinking along the lines I want to teach... The longer you hold their attention the longer you can teach.