Object lesson about Joseph Smith

There are two great ones from the Primary lesson manuals:

Primary 5, Lesson 2

  1. "Show the children a glass of clean, clear water.
  2. Ask if the water is fit to drink.
  3. Have a child stir some dirt or debris into the water until it becomes cloudy.
  4. Ask the children if they would want to drink the water now.
  5. Point out that the water needs to be replaced with clean, pure water.
  6. Explain that when Jesus Christ first organized his church on earth, it was organized properly and its leaders taught the truth. The Church was like the clean glass of water (show the second glass of clean water). Then people changed the Church, and it became like the glass of cloudy water.
  7. The true Church and its teachings needed to be restored (brought back) to the earth."

Primary 3, Lesson 6:

  1. "Display the object or picture that you brought. (An attractive object or picture, such as a flower, a seashell, or nice picture from the meetinghouse library.)
  2. Discuss why you feel this item is attractive and worth having,
  3. Ask the children to share their feelings.
  4. Invite a child to take the item and hold it where the other children cannot see it.
  5. Do you wish that we could have this beautiful object or picture back where we can look at it?
  6. Have the child bring the object back into view and display it for the class once again.
  7. Explain that the object has been restored to its former place.
  8. Point out that restore means to make something the same as it used to be.
  9. Remind the children that even though Jesus had organized his Church the way he wanted, people had taken truths away after Jesus and his Apostles died.
  10. Jesus wanted his teachings, his Church, and his authority to baptize people restored just as he had them when he was on earth."