Handouts and colored pictures,
Lynne in Newark, CA

Here's an idea I have used to keep track of handouts and colored pictures, etc. for the nursery age children.

Get some heavy cord. (clothesline weight is good.) You'll need a foot or two more than the width of the chalkboard in the nursery.(depending on how far you want the middle of it to swag down.) Tie a loop at either end to fit over those clips that are at the tops of the chalkboards to hold pictures.
You will place a loop over a clip at either end of the top of the board. The cord will swag down in the middle.

Then get some wooden clothespins, the kind with the metal spring in them. With a permanent marker write the name of each child on both sides of the clothespin. Before and after each name you can draw a little star or a heart, etc.

Clip the clothes pins to the cord. After the children have colored pictures in the nursery, take their pictures from them and clip them to the cord with the clothespin. This saves time shuffling through papers at the end of nursery.

The kids caught on to this routine very quickly and knew their pictures were supposed to go up on the board after they were done with them.