Alma/Isaiah and the miracle of forgiveness

Objection: To illustrate the joy and the miracle of forgiveness as described in Alma 36:16-21, and Isaiah 1:18.

Equipment: An old white bone, and a brown bone that has been buried.

Activity and application:
Show the two bones and ask: What is the difference between these two bones? (Student choice)

How did the light one get white? (From the sun)
Why isn't this other bone white? (It has been buried)
What is the best way for us to get rid of our sins? (Get them out in the open)
What happens when we hide our sins? (Quote the following poem)

If the sea
And the sun
can bleach a bone
'til its whiter
than a gull,
cleaner than foam
Oh, how bright
my soul
can emerge, purged
on the beach
of Christ's water
and light
and how calm
and warm
his sand
(Author unknown)

As the bone is bleached white by the miracle of nature, so also can man's sins and mistakes be forgiven through the miracle of forgiveness.