Class time fillers
(courtesy of the Lake Oswego Oregon Stake, as shared by Bobbie Poppleton)

Do Pass Go

Materials: none

Have the children line up and walk around the room in clockwise direction. As they pass you (The "Go" person), they must tell you a book in the Book of Mormon (or New Testament, or latter-day Prophet, etc.) For very young children, just say the books in order and have them repeat after you., one book per child, i.e., the first kid says 1st Nephi, the second one says 2nd Nephi, etc. For older children, they have to tell you in the proper order.

Variations: Weather permitting, take the children outside and have them walk around a planter, or grassy area. Or have them do different activities each time they pass go. (Skip, the first round; hop the second time around; jump the third time, walk backwards, etc.)