Five R's of repentance

To show the five R's of repentance: recognition, regret, relinquishment of sin (including confession), restitution and resolution.

Equipment: A hammer, nails, wood putty, sandpaper, and a thick board.

Procedure: Discuss each of the for R's of repentance with the class.

Explain that the board is like ourselves and the nails are like sins we commit. Take a nail and label it with a name (Gossiping, stealing, lying, etc.). Hammer it into the board. Repeat until several nails are in the board.

Express shock at how badly the board looks (Recognition). State how much you would like to have the board smooth again and how badly you feel that the nails were put there (regret). Take action to remove the nails. When the nails are removed, tell how determined you are that no more nails be put into your board (relinquishment). Carefully apply wood putty to the nail holes, and allow it to dry while you discuss ways to recompense various sins (restitution:). When putty is dry, use sandpaper to remove any
lumps and make board smooth once more (resolution).

Discuss what would have happened to the board if any of the steps would have been skipped (restitution could not be accomplished without relinquishing the sin, relinquishment would not have happened without recognition or regret, etc.). In order to fully repent, all five steps must be taken.