Repentance can make us clean

Equipment: One hard-boiled egg (with shell on), one dish of food coloring, and water.

Lesson presentation and application:
Show the white, hard-boiled egg to the class. Dip the egg into the colored water, and observe what happens. Have the class comment on what happens to the egg as you continue to dip it in the colored water.

Explain that we are like the colored egg. Whenever we lower our standards or our actions to a worldly or physical level, we take on some of the characteristics of that level. We become stained.

Now begin to peel the egg. Discuss how repentance can take the stain of sin away and leave us white and pure.


I used the hard boiled egg... Only instead of bleach in the water I used Oxi-clean the laundry booster .  It worked better than the bleach and didn't smell like the bleach does. Carole, in Washington