Repentance can remove our sins.

Equipment: Bottle, half full of water. Food coloring. Bleach.

1. Show a bottle of clear water.
2. Then add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water.
3. Now pour bleach in the bottle, which will turn the water clear again.

Lesson Application:
1. We come to this earth sinless.
2. As we progress, each of us sins and it marks our souls.
3. However, through repentance our souls can become clean again.


I believe that if you put vinegar in the water before you add food coloring, the bleach works better.

Here is what you do.  You start with clean water and you put a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in it first.
Then you add the food coloring to the water to represent sin or mistakes or
Then you add some bleach, and POOF!  The water turns back clear again just like that.  (repentance, atonement, etc.)
This also works wonderful for a giving a talk at a baptism too.

Theresa, in Kennewick, WA