obedience: parable about 2 dogs

A farmer had 2 dogs that he received as puppies. Both were pretty wild and always ran away if they got out of the yard. Both dogs went through training so that they would be of use to the farmer and not a nuisance.

After a few years one dog was able to be out of the yard at any time. He helped out on the farm and received rewards and praise from the farmer because he had taken to the training so well and didn't continue to run away.

The second dog didn't do so well with the training and wouldn't learn to obey the farmer. He would still run away and get into trouble if he got out of the yard. So after those same few years, the second dog had his existence on the end of a long chain, inside a fenced yard. He couldn't be trusted to be let free or to help on the farm.

So which dog feels the most freedom and is the most useful?