Prepare to be a missionary

1. Talk about how you have to be prepared to be a missionary.

2. Bring out a 16 yr old or so male, dressed in shorts etc, and have the kids say what he needed to do physically. (dress him in those things) If someone can cut hair, give him a hair cut in front of the children, (if he agrees to this)

3. The MTC where they asked two elders serving in our ward questions and sang songs with them (they drew these out of a basket).

4. Prep day where the children can write a letter, exercise, and maybe wash a shirt with a washboard (if we decide to send them to a third world country) or learn how to sew on a button. Even the Sunbeams could do it.

5. Some people will not be interested in the discussions, but one or two will welcome them in. Since the theme of the year is baptism, we thought maybe they could learn a simplified version of the baptism discussion.

6. Make Missionary food- have the kids make Top Ramen , PBJ Sandwiches, or Tracting Mix and eat it