Water avtivities

Promised Land: Boat Race
We'll make simple boats and race them across a kiddie pool.

Tug of war
Play over a sprinkler

Fishing pond
Laminated paper fish in the wading pool have a metal object that can be snared by a short fishing pole with a magnet for a hook.

Tic-tac-toe sponge toss
Use plastic colored tape to mark off a large tic-tac-toe board on the concrete. Mark the line where the sponge must be thrown from. Use 4 each of 2 different colors of sponges.

Squirt guns
Targets such as rows of balloons strung on a cross-rope hung at different heights, with 2-3 target rows at different distances

Wet sponge toss
Make a large wooden backdrop with a waterproof clown painted on, leaving a hole where someone can peek their face through as the target.