Choosing the Right
(by Debby Moon)
Discuss covenants made at baptism (word strips) We are promised the Holy Ghost will help us CTR.
Sing Still Small Voice (106)

Each time we listen to the Holy Ghost we get stronger and it is easier to CTR next time.
Tell story of Rex Pinegar (Dare to Do right) (Primary 2 manual page 69)
Sing Dare To Do Right (158)

If we don't listen we are not protected.
Satan wants us to do wrong, the Holy Ghost will help us CTR
Sing I will be Valiant (162)

Story of boy who ate his brother's cookie and then felt bad and used allowance to buy him another.
If you do something and you feel happy inside it's probably right, if you do something and you feel yucky inside-it's probably wrong!
Sing Help Me Dear Father (99 verse 2)

Serving others is a good way to CTR-
Story of Joseph Fielding Smith getting up early to do sister's chores (sorry no reference) (If anyone know, please write me, and I will put it on here, Conny Hillgaard)
Jesus is the ultimate example of service we follow Jesus as we CTR.
Sing Choose the Right Way (160)
The handout is a footprint that says "Following Jesus will help me keep my baptismal covenants" (This wasn't my idea, but I thought I'd pass it on)

Senior primary: