The Prophet Warns Us
(by Kimberly in Idaho)

Prepare ahead of time:

  1. “Warning signs” Make a warning sign to each topic.
  2. "Dare to Do Right" puzzle: choose a picture with a bunch of kids on it and in big letters the words "Dare to Do Right" written on it. Then  laminated it, cut it into 6 strips and put on the back the quotes from President Hinckley that I was using for ST. It was an easy way to ask/talk about dares and introduce the why we need the compass.
  3. "CTR compass" which will end with the "CTR compass" that I have for each child.

1. Talk about President Hinckley’s "6 B's" talk

2. Use Good Language
Octagon warning sign that has lips drawn on it and in bold letters says "WATCH OUT".
Objects are 1) Large Dictionary  2)Garbage Can
Point out: There are so many GOOD words in the dictionary that we can choose to use we don't need to use the few garbage words that we hear on TV, in movies or at school.
1. Quotes: "Be clean in language. A filthy mind expresses itself in filthy language" (Latter Day prophets, pg 152) also add a clean mind will express clean language.

3. Choosing Good Entertainment
Square warning sign that has a TV drawn on it with bold letters "BEWARE"
Objects are 1) good videos and music in a brown bag 2) garbage wrapped up nicely in a box
Point out: Some shows or music look good from the outside and maybe the good shows look dull and boring but we need to ask ourselves: How do they make us feel? and Would we be embarrassed if the prophet was watching or listening with us?
2. Quotes: "You cannot afford to let such filthy poison touch you" and "Don't waste time in destructive entertainment" (Ensign January 2001 pg. 7)

After these 2 sing the "6 B's" verse to "Stand for the Right"

4. Taking Care of Our Bodies
Diamond warning sign with a person drawn on it and in bold letters "WARNING!"
Objects are 1) a brand new WHITE t-shirt 2) a used, stained t-shirt that I have put earring thru, spilled soy sauce on and drawn symbols (snakes, flowers, lighting, fire) on with a permanent marker.
Point out: Tattoos, piercing and drugs all leave a PERMANENT mark just like on the used shirt.
Tattoos and piercings leave visible marks on our body, drugs (also smoking, drinking) leave permanent marks on our brain and inside our body.
3. Quote is a Story: The PP and I both have 2 holes in our ears for earrings because that was popular when we were teenagers. Now Pres. Hinckley has told us to wear only 1 set of earrings but we can never get rid of the extra wholes - even though' we don't wear earrings in them.
4. Quotes: Drugs "They will destroy you and you will become their slave".
5. Quotes: Tattoos "I promise you that the time will come, if you have tattoos, that you will regret your actions, the time will come when it will be an embarrassment to you" Piercing "Earrings and rings placed in other parts of the body, these are not manly. As for the young women, one modest pair of earrings is sufficient" (Ensign Jan. 2001 pg 7-8)

After this sign sing the 1st verse to "Stand for the Right"

5. Choosing our Friends and Heroes
Rectangle sign with several people drawn on it and bold letters "CHOOSE CAREFULLY"
Objects are 1) magazines with famous sports or movie people 2) pictures of people from our ward who are good example, both old and young
Point out: Would Heavenly Father want us to do what our friends or heroes do?
Spend a little time explaining why the "magazine people" would not be good friends/heroes and why our ward family would make good friends/heroes (they are also good at sports, music, education, fun to be with, etc)
6. Quotes: "Everybody wants friends. Everybody needs friends. No one wishes to be without them. But never lose sight of the fact that it is your friends who will lead you along the paths that you will follow"

Ask if anyone has ever been "Dared" to do something, let them give examples. Are there good dares and bad dares?
Introduce and sing just the Chorus to "Dare to Do Right".

Ask what Heavenly Father has given us to help us Dare to Choose the Right? (Prophet, parents, prayer, scriptures, Holy Ghost, Savior)

6. Show the "CTR Compass" and how it has all of these helps on it. It will be useful when they are dared to do something or are faced with a decision. (Have a compass made for each child)
Last Quote (does not go anywhere): "I plead with you to be careful, to stand back from the cliff of sin over which it is so easy to fall. Walk in the sunlight of that peace which comes from obedience to the commandments of the Lord." (Ensign Jan. 2001 pg. 8)