The temple is the house of the Lord
(adapted after an activity by Brenda L. Shearer)

When Jesus lived on earth, He came to the temple in Jerusalem

Opening Song: "I love to See The Temple" p. 95

Make a memory game useing the floowring pictures: vegetable, Tithing envelope, child in prayer, church, parents
When there is a match, talk about the things share by Brenda Shearer.
Activity by Brenda L. Shearer:

Eating good foods
· Jr. primary: I'm taking in plastic food and asking them what it is and if it's something good to eat. Then we'll sing: "The Word Of Wisdom" p. 154
· Sr. Primary: We'll list some foods that are good for us. Ask questions: Why does Heavenly Father want us to eat good foods. I'm telling a story about how one of my children ate a whole box of Swedish fish and then felt sick and explain to them that snacks are not to be eat as a meal and that if you eat too many of them they can make you feel sick. Then we'll sing: "The Word Of Wisdom" p. 154
Pay Tithing
· JR & SR: same thing
· Sing- "I'm Glad To Pay A Tithing" p. 150 I'll be playing this song on my CD player and telling them to listen to the words. After the song, we'll discuss what Heavenly Father gives us and what we need to give in return.
· Jr. primary: Sing: "I Pray In Faith" p. 14 We chose this song because it has the order of prayer. Afterwards, we'll talk about the order of prayer and then I'll ask what are some things we can thank Him for or ask for.
· Sr. Primary: Sing: "I Pray In Faith" p. 14 Ask them what are some things we can thank Him for or ask for in Prayer. Then I'm going to have them unscramble words I'll make on a paper. When they unscramble them, it will be the order of Prayer.
Go To Church
· Jr & SR: same thing I'm going to have them stand up. When I mention something that isn't done in church, they sit down. If they do it in church, they stand up again. EX.-Talk in church, listen to your teacher, come to church dirty, Be friendly to everyone, pick a fight, sing, etc.
· Sing "The Chapel Doors" p. 156
Love Others
Jr & SR: same thing Explain that when you tell someone you love them it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside. We're going to take 5 minutes for each child to make 2 "fuzzies" each. Then they'll sit back down and I'll explain that they get to keep one of the fuzzies but they have to give one away to make someone else feel warm and fuzzy. (In the following weeks closing exercises, we're going to allow a little time for the children to tell us who they gave their fuzzies to.) Remind them that sharing a fuzzy with someone will brighten up their day. How to make a Fuzzie: We take 1" pom poms and glue 2 eyes and feet (we made the feet heart shaped so you only need one heart for each fuzzy)
· Sing "Love One Another" p. 136
OR: Instead of making a fuzzy, give the time to your song leader to practice: I'm trying to be like Jesus (Conny H.)

Obey Parents
· Jr. Primary: Ask if it's important to obey our parents? Tell them it's so important that Heavenly Father gave us a commandment about it. I made "smiley" faces on one side of a circle and a frown on the other side and glued it to a popsicle stick. I'll hand these out. I'll ask questions about obeying, when it's something good, show me the smile, if it's bad, show me the frown. Ex.- You help mom set the table, Dad asks you to clean your room, but you don't, You take your bath when you're told to, You won't stop talking in church. Etc. Sing- "Quickley I'll Obey" p. 197
· Sr. Primary: Ask if it's important to obey your parents. Is there a commandment about it? How do we feel when we obey our parents? I mad a sign for them. One side says yes and the other side says no. I glued it on a popsicle stick. I'll hand these out and ask questions. Ex.-Should you go to bed when told? Dad asks you to bring him something but you whine and say-why do I always have to do it? Mom tells you to brush your teeth and you say But I just brushed them 2 days ago, Dad asks for volunteers to wash the dishes and you smiling run to him and say, I'll do it dad, I love to wash dishes. (I tried to make it funny for the Sr. primary) Sing- Sing- "Quickley I'll Obey" p. 197