Achievement Day Service Project
(by Susan in Hawaii)

I had been wondering about something that would be meaningful that we could do in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, something that was some sort of service, something the girls would enjoy also and that was not the same as everyone else was doing.


My husband is a Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Specialist, so he has been sent to plane crashes before and has worked with the search and rescue dogs.
He told me about how intelligent they are, and how they will differentiate between having found a living person and a dead one ~ that when they have found a dead person they signal their find by just lying down, very respectfully, almost as if they understood the gravity of the situation.


I was very touched as he talked about these service animals, and I came up with the idea for a service project.

Tonight we put dog bisquits and a variety of other dog treats in little ziploc bags, and put a sticker on each one that said "To America's Canine Heroes," with a picture of a German Shepherd on each sticker. I made those on my computer.

I talked to the girls about what the dogs do, how they are trained, etc. I found much information by doing a web search. I tried to stay away from gruesome aspects as much as possible. Then we also talked about drug dogs and seeing eye dogs and everybody had a story about their own pet. Anyway, I thought aspects of this might be something someone else could use.