Mothers Day 2001, Pres. Hinckley
(by Lori)

We just had Pres. Hinckley's sister come speak to the children at our last activity. Something she said really made me think of what you could say on Mother's Day.

Their mother died when they were all very young. Pres. Hinckley had one older brother, Sherman, and then his sisters who I think were all younger. The one who came and talked with us was 2nd to the youngest.

She said her two sisters and her would argue over the dishes. Whose turn it was to wash and dry. One day Gordon got so tired of hearing them that he took a pencil and the calendar and wrote out everyday for the rest of the year who was going to do what chore. That way when they couldn't remember who had to do what they only had to look at the calendar and it solved the problem.

Another thing she told us was when she was in high school and there was a big dance at school. She wanted to go so bad but didn't have a nice dress to wear. Gordon had been saving his money for quite some time and he took her and bought her a beautiful dress for the dance.

I know their mother instilled in them a desire to read and study and learn all they could but I think in some ways it is fun to see how Gordon became a mother figure to his sisters.