Be a good example
Notes taken by Sally Jensen in Utah at area Primary meeting

Sister Clegg spoke, she is a counselor in the General Primary Presidency. I wanted to share a story she related. She has a little grandson in Kindergarten in Arizona. His teacher had noticed what a good little boy he was and how he was so friendly to all of the children and one day she said to him something like "How come you are so good?" And he looked at her, a 5 year old, and said "Because I'm a child of God and he loves me". The teacher was profoundly touched and asked his Mother about their religion. She asked her "What religion could teach a 5 year old boy this and have him know it and understand it?" It wasn't long until her little Grandson sang at his teacher's baptism!!!

Sis. Clegg's whole talk was great, but this story really brought a tear to my eye