Chalk, Chalk, who's got it?
(courtesy of the Lake Oswego Oregon Stake, and shared by Bobbie Poppleton)

Materials: chalk

Have the children sit in a circle. This game is played like "Button, button--who has the button?" Since you might not have an extra button on you, use chalk! One of the children stands in the middle of the group. This is called the "Mush
Pot". Everyone sings a Primary song as the chalk is passed behind the backs of the students. When the song ends, whoever has the chalk keeps it hidden behind his back. All the others in the circle pretend that they have it. The person in the middle has 3 guesses to pick who has the chalk. If he guesses right, the person with the chalk goes in the Mush Pot and guesses the next time around. If he
guesses wrong, he stays in the Mush Pot for another turn.