Musical Chairs
(courtesy of the Lake Oswego Oregon Stake, and shared by Bobbie Poppleton)


Materials: none

For older students, set up chairs back to back with one less than the number of students in the class. Hum a hym or Primary song, and stop abruptly. All students will scramble to try to get a seat. Whoever is left out is "it" and picks
a scriptural reference for the others to find (you could point out one in the lesson manual for him to announce to the others.) The last one to find the scripture is the hummer for the next song. You can join the students for the next round of musical chairs and scripture finding.

For younger students, set up an equal number of chairs as there are students, back to back. Hum a hymn or Primary song and stop abruptly. After all the children are seated, ask what song it was. Then have everyone sing it, and do it