Primary 1
(lesson 35+36)

35 I can Be Kind to Animals

  1. Animal concentration game
  2. a fishing pole: Put a paper clip on each animal attached to the string let the children fish for animals. Tell the story of Noah and the ark.
  3. Make mouse, duck and rabbit finger puppets (Nov 84 Friend)
  4. Make origami animals (Sept 90 Liahona)

36 I Can Be a Good Example:

  1. Make a puzzle showing different ways a child can be a good example to others.(look in Friend Oct 99 Sharing Time Let Your Light Shine)
  2. Make a kindness bouquet of flowers for children to take home. (look in May 99 Sharing Time Following Jesus Christ)
  3. What does Jesus Christ want me to do? Coloring picture of Christ with children and children doing good things. (look in Sept 97 Sharing Time)