Follow the prophet activity day
From 10:00 ~ 11:20!
(by Kay Lin Hermansen)

We started in the RS room and had an opening song (follow the Prophet) and prayer.

Then we told them that we were going to go exploring....

Then we led the kids to the Primary Room. Only one door was open and had an enlarge clip-art of Noah and Rain.

They entered the room over a wooden foot bridge and the entire room was filled with stuffed animals, Noah's Ark pictures and collectibles. In this room we had one of our male teachers tell the story and facts about Noah. then we sang the "camp"song about "the Lord said to Noah, there's going to be a floody flood...." and then We played Noah's Ark Bingo. (instead of letters and numbers we had all kinds of animals in the squares--this is available in a Primary book like Primary Partners) we used animal crackers for the playing pieces.

We moved to the next room which was the "mobile room". we had a teacher tell a story of an ancient prophet. she chose Saul and the kids loved it. the story was short--just enough to peak their interest. then the kids each got to put together a three tier mobile at the top was a picture of Christ with a downward arrow and the words "tells" the next level and a circle with pictures of ancient prophets and matching scriptures with another down arrow and the words "tells" and the last level and a picture of each child. Thins mobile is from the Friend either Jan. or Feb. of this year in the FHE section. The idea in this room was that the children would hang the mobile in their rooms and each week as they read the scripture on one of the mobile tags, they would get to fold-down a picture of the prophet that went with the scripture until the circle in the middle of the mobile was completed.

The last room was the Modern Prophets room. Our chorister taught them an absolutely adorable catchy song about who and what a prophet does. This song is not in the PCS. but our Presidency thought it was ok for an activity. (it is in Janeen Brady's "Songs for a Mormon Child" book)Some of the kids were humming it later in the day and even on the next Sunday. they loved it. Then we had a teacher tell the story from the Friend about Pres. George Albert Smith when he took lemonade to a bunch of construction workers outside of his window that kept cursing and swearing.

For the refreshments we had freshly sliced lemons and the kids got to make their own lemonade and we served Brigham Young's Buttermilk doughnuts. The Kids took
them out side to eat so there wasn't a mess clean up was easy.