Weather forecaster~ watcher of the tower
(by Melanie, North Ogden, Utah)

I stood as if I was doing sharing time and said I invited a special guest.
Then I turned around and I put on some funny glasses and talked in a funny voice. I said "My name is Manerva Merryweather and I'm a weather forecaster" and then I said "get it......Merry "weather" and I snorted a laugh.
I had every eye in the room at that point and for the rest of the time that I was acting as her.

I brought a laminated map of the US (any map would do) and I had drawn some pictures of a tornado, raindrops, snowflakes, wind, hurricanes and laminated them too. I said that a weatherman forecasts the weather and that I had some "warnings" for them in my weather forecast for the day.
Then I went on (in my funny voice -snorts and all) and warned the people in Florida of a hurricane and the people in New York of a blizzard and told them to stay indoors and make sure their heat is working, the people of Kansas were warned of a tornado, California of heavy rains, etc. With each forecast of "blizzard" etc., I would do or say something funny - be creative! I promise you will keep their attention and they will love it!

When I was done I took off the glasses and said that the prophet is like a weather man because he "forecasts" evil and tells us what to do to protect ourselves from the world, just as the weather man tries to protect us from the weather elements.
I asked what happens to people who don't board their homes up in a hurricane and leave (they could lose their home and they could die)
What happens to people who have a terrible heat wave if they don't listen to the weather man and make sure they have plenty of fluids to drink and things like that - they die.
Well, when the prophet tells us to not watch bad movies we should listen to him or we could "die spiritually" and it could prevent us from returning to Heavenly Father again. The prophet is the "watcher of the tower" and if we listen to him he will protect us.