(by Lisa H.)

"No effort is too great, no labor more worthwhile. We must bring the blessings of primary into the life of every child." Spencer W. Kimball

  1. Identify the non-attending child(ren)
  2. Coordinate efforts through the ward council. (The Primary Presidency will pass around forms each Sunday to keep track of activation efforts so records can be coordinated with other auxiliaries in the monthly ward council)
  3. Visit the child in hi/her home. Contact each child and parent at the beginning of the year to introduce yourself and gain permission to contact the child throughout the year. Visit the child in his or her home with the member of the Primary Presidency who is over your class. Fill them in on class place and time and find out the needs of the child (rides, scriptures etc...)
  4. Become involved with the children. Contact them monthly by a visit, phone call, mail or other
  5. Love the child (ren). Encourage class to pray for and reach out to those less-active


We talked about these things are our Meeting and also....

  1. Every month the kids who did not come that month and get the scripture card, newsletter & handouts will be mailed MONTHLY!
  2. Our counselor over activation will personally send them a note. We will be putting cards in the teachers boxes (crayons, scissors, pencils, tape) so that the class can send a note really easy.
  3. As a presidency we will go with the teacher to visit the first time so that it is not so hard to do (and will get them there!)
  4. We have really pushed activation this last year and we have 4 families coming back because of the support and love from the primary.
  5. There are some good church videos and there is a part on activation there to show.
ONE CAUTION-You never want the kids who are AT church to feel as if it is not important for them to be there. We let the teachers know to thank them, give them encouragement and as a Presidency.....EVERY child in the ward will be visited this year.

Hope this helps!