Time Filler Ideas for Class time
(adapted by ideas from Terri Finney and many more)

  1. FIG: Review the Articles of Faith and/or learn a new one.
  2. FIG: Work on the Faith in God program.
  3. FIG: Discuss a challenge/goal for class to achieve next Sunday.
  4. Memorize a key scripture (from the lesson you just gave)
  5. Have children share their favorite scripture story.
  6. Teach children how to use the bible dictionary, topical guide, gazetteer, footnotes & references.
  7. Mark favorite scriptures.
  8. Make a scripture reading chart for children to take home. Child colors in a section each time he/she reads the scriptures.
  9. Tell a personal experience about gaining your testimony. Let the kids tell theirs.
  10. Make simple minute crafts that relate to the lesson or do pioneer crafts or games.
  11. Make copies of The Friend activity pages (that relates to the lesson)
  12. Play a review game of Tic-Tac-Toe using questions from the lesson.
  13. “Hangman”: instead build a snowman, a flower or a home
  14. Matching games
  15. Act out a story from a previous lesson - see who can remember.
  16. Cross words, Word search, fallen phrases etc -make your own at (look under “LINKS“ there are some puzzelmakers online that are very good. Write out a sentence but omit all of the vowels. Have children fill in the blanks. J_s_ph Sm_th r_st_r_d th_ g_sp_l. (Joseph Smith restored the gospel)
  17. Play Bingo with pictures relating to lesson or general gospel pictures.
  18. Play Concentration using pictures that relate to the lesson.
  19. Sing! Choose a song that relates to your lesson topic, work on songs for the year’s program
  20. Kept a container of Church trivia questions (or review questions from past lessons). Go around the class one at a time and let children choose a question and try to answer it. Coded message: Translate “OLD” writings . (Use your word processor to write a coded message related to your lesson and let children solve it) To find the alphabet in code, go to: A-B-C code