Inactive children

Our ward had an in-service meeting a few months ago with a similar theme.

As the member of the presidency in charge that thought it would be helpful to have the teachers have some one on one experience with some of those who were involved, or had been inactive and had changed.
We had a display provided by the teachers.
All the teachers were asked to display ideas of ways they could reach out to the children.

This gave the teachers an opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas.

For the program, I asked a newly activated sister to speak about her struggles to return to activity and what the teachers could do to help her children, who have never been to church. Second, I contacted a young man in our ward that was serving a mission. He grew up in an inactive family and was fellowshipped by the family next door. He shared in testimony by letter. It was a touching story of thanks and appreciation. He also added his thoughts from a missionary standpoint.

At last we had the Bishop whose has stewardship over each of the children in the ward) speak about how he needs their help. He also happened to be the father of the family that fellowshipped the missionary.

For our ward and for myself, this was a very powerful lesson. I watched the Lord direct me to those who would be able to help the teachers feel of the importance they could have in the lives of the children in their class.

Each ward has it's own needs, but Heavenly Father knows what is needed and through fasting and prayer we can receive inspiration into what kind of things will help in our particular situation.